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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

'Over Reif' Countdown...9... 2012...

 Today's countdown is 2012..

Well, 2012 was a busy year. I was on a buzz, I'd finished my first and only book and I got the bug! I wrote my 2nd, The Bethlehem Fiasco in 3 weeks! Yeah, and first copies had 50+ typos! It's the story of Jesus set in the same 'universe' of the first book... yes, it's 'The Life of Brian' but more 'out there'. It didn't do well, but those who read it, loved it, even clergymen!

I was still buzzing from writing two great books (but hit by the fact the second didn't sell well) and I knew I wanted to write an intelligent piece (as the second was just NUTS). So I wrote a sci-fi piece set in the distant past (in the same universe as the 1st and 2nd), The Rage of Atlantis... yes, it's about Atlantis, and one of the main characters is a talking dolphin. This book did better than the first two, and even has more Amazon reviews. Occasionally a sale appears.

And today... the Bohatch Chronicles passed the 10,000 pages read in KENP! THANK YOU, READERS!

So if you still haven't started on Bohatch's journey, follow this link...

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