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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

'Over Reif' Countdown... 1... 2020!

      The Over Reif and Under Countdown is now on...2020!

In 2020...

Jasper T. Scott mentioned to me that I should try sci-fi... and so I did! What happened next was the Humanity H2O series, a 4 book series which has given me the greatest success so far in my 10 years of writing.

The Iron Writer Challenges were resuscitated in 2020, and so I started writing short stories again, before Humanity H2O took up my writing I brought out the 8th installment of Dani's Shorts...FREE...

And the fourth 100+ stories from 100+ writers was published.

If you STILL haven't started on Bohatch's journey, follow this link...

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