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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Enjoying Twitter, Being myself... and Being BLOCKED!

These past couple OF weeks (capitals for the Southern States there) have been fun, especially opening up on Twitter, trying to see if anyone is 'out there'. A few. Some people with interesting tweets, some people sharing their lives, their books, etc.

Me? I was trying to sell a few books (it worked... a little) and seeing if Twitter could handle the REAL me. Yes, look at my replies to other people's tweets. That's me, all me. I enjoyed reading what I found and replying to it.

Anyway... unfortunately, some people can't 'take me', especially those who aren't really being themselves. I can't say who it is, but there's one guy out there, who didn't like my replies. I can't say any more because last time I gave more information, the person tried to sue me. Me? I have no money. Just people like to hurt those they perceive to be 'smaller' than them.

I just thought I'd share. Watch out for yourselves on the web, there are people out there using and abusing you.

So... let's get back to... books! Sorry, these are no longer on offer, BUT they're still there!

So... waiting for more readers to take my work away and read it. Readers keep writers alive. No readers, no writers...

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