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Friday, December 10, 2021

Special Week! 3 books - 99 cents each!

It's a special week! DiSCOUNTS!!! 

Not only is Over Reif and Under published 

(Get yours here...

Under the Shade of the Sun - 99 cents!

Slaughter Under the Bridge - 99 cents!

Ascension Under the Stars - 99 cents!

From the 11th of December until the 18th of December!

The Bohatch Chronicle Series

Action. Suspense. Intrigue.
These are the continuing chronicles of Brent Bohatch, right out of training camp, who joins the military as a sniper. Relieved to be off the streets of his home city away from the gangs and roaming the universe in his quest to survive, he gets involved in more than just blood and action.

A claustrophobic, subtly humorous, psychotic future of people who no longer know why.

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