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Friday, February 11, 2022

And... back to the Amazon Wilderness of...

Yep, back to the "Amazon Wilderness of unknown self-published writers who write so-so" as opposed to the "Amazon Backwater of self-published writers who believe more in self-image than literary quality" (and of course the "Amazon Underground of self-published writers who sell but nobody knows them") Ah, Amazon, a platform which allows anyone to believe they have a book in them AND that someone would like to read it. Me? Yep, back to no sales. But I'm used to that. It was good while it lasted.

Anyway, small rant over. I'm still working on the next book, completed the first few chapters.... AGAIN. It has to be special, so I'm letting it fester a little in my mind. It'll come, soon enough.

If you haven't started this amazing journey yet, here's the link to Humanity H2O, probably the only story where the main character [spoiler, sorry, nope]

And the Bohatch Chronicles are here, of course...

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