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Monday, January 2, 2023

New Ratings, New Review!

2023 is here already! I was hoping to have a few new books laid out for me by this time, but a long-term illness happened and slowed me down last year. I got to mainly do proofreading but was able to pop one book out, In the Midst of Fools.

As for last year, there were a few sales, mostly from my sci-fi series (see below) but not enough to allow me to retire... damn. Daniel K, a recent reader, has now read all 4 books of my Graham Reader series, and I guess he'd recommend them to anyone.

Here's his review of Manna-X, the climax of that series.

Yep. he figured out my hobgoblins were actually influenced by... now that would be telling, wouldn't it.

Anyway, still chugging along, working on inspiration for both another sci-fi and How to 3.

AND... Gubacsi Dulu is now on 98 ratings! It needs only TWO more to get that 100! If you've read it, please come and rate!

Someone is also reading Over Reif and Under right at this moment, so I'd like to say, thanks and I hope you enjoy it!

There's also my NEW book, In the Midst of Fools available, book 1 of Marika's Quest. If you haven't had a go, why not read it on KENP? Yes, it was 'No.1 New Release' for a few days. A few. Waiting on a review at the moment. It hasn't got many.

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