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Thursday, April 17, 2014

My take on TIW Challenge 57

Finally caught up on a few TIW challenges, and this was the last I had to write. A kind of a 'Flowers for Algeron' / Forest Gump / schizophrenic piece. Hope you like it (notice the omission of 'and' and the repetitions - sorry? what?)
(Oh, forgot to mention, before I get any 'bad' comments about this like "How would you know?" etc, I go to one of these special schools twice a week)

Challenge 57, 24 miniature plastic dinosaurs of various kinds, vegamite, outside tyre motorcycle, sewing machine

Dennis is a bad boy. I don't like him. But he spoils everything. Mummy says I should not blame someone else for the things I do. But he makes me. He is a bad boy. He is stronger than me. I know the things that he makes me do are wrong. I know they are not good for me or anyone. But I do them. He is my friend. Friends do not do things to hurt you. I got dinosaurs for one of my birthdays. He told me to eat them. The doctor told Mummy that he had never seen 24 miniature plastic dinosaurs of various kinds in one child before. I went to bed without dinner. Dennis told me it was okay to cry. He then told me how to use a sewing machine. It was fun. It was very loud. He said it was used to put hair together. He then told me to practise on Grandma. She was not happy. Mummy shouted a lot that day. I went to bed without dinner. Dennis told me that I can collect my tears in a jar. I put them under my bed to save them for later. But I did not like vegamite. Dennis said it was not a food. He said it was a paint. Mummy had given me it to paint the kitchen. I used a knife to spread it. It was easy to do. Mummy was not happy with my work. Mummy shouted some more. I was sent to bed again without dinner. I heard Mummy talk about a special place I can go. Dennis said it was a nice place. Dennis said I can make a lot of good friends there. Grandpa came to visit me yesterday. He is a funny little man. He made me laugh. Dennis liked him. Grandpa has a funny looking bicycle. He said it was an outside tyre motorcycle. He said it was valuable. I said it was red. He laughed. Dennis said Grandpa is bad. Dennis said Grandpa laughed at me. I like Grandpa. He is a funny man. He let me sit on his funny looking bicycle. Dennis said I should turn the key. I did. Grandpa was not happy. Dennis said to put my foot on a piece of metal. He then said to turn the handlebar. The bicycle moved very fast. I did not like it. Dennis loved it. He laughed a lot. I started to cry. I called for my Mummy. Grandpa ran after me. The bicycle fell over. Mummy shouted. She shouted a lot. Grandpa shouted too. Dennis laughed. Today I am in the special place. There are some nice people here. They like white clothes. They all have big smiles. There are some funny looking children here. Dennis said I will like it here. He said this is my new home. I like my new home. It has a lot of toys. Where has Dennis gone? I hope Mummy will come back soon.

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