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Friday, April 18, 2014

Plastic People - Me and Zappa (Blogging A-Z Challenge)

'Plastic People'...
Yes, for almost 10 years way back when I tried my hand at playing musical instruments and standing in pubs, making a lot of noise and 50 pence a night. 'Plastic People' was one of my favourite Zappa songs from the old days and so easy to play!
After being in a couple of 'going-nowhere' bands, I moved onto another 'going-nowhere' trio 'Gab Meringue' led by a Justin - he was determined to be the first famous guitarist named Justin. After this band died, he made some concept album about his village and witches...then went down to London and got lost somewhere....Anyway, we were the loudest and busiest trio in the area at the time, playing our own crap and some covers, including this one. I put 'Plastic People' up on youtube, not many views, though. Here it is...I'm singing and playing bass guitar. I lose it at around 3:30....and I love Justin's end remark!

But, for those who can't handle a post-punk muso losers trio, here is Zappa's version along with some animation :-)

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