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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Published! "How to build a castle in 7 easy steps"

Yep, that's the news. I'm finally published...okay, with a small publishing company in the USA, but HEY! I get a small royalty advance (small) and 5 free copies of the book :-) And I can look forward to them backing me up! I'm not alone anymore....:-)
The book?
Oh, it's "How to build a castle in 7 easy steps". It's about...well, everyone who has read it all say it's awesome! That's not many people because I haven't asked too many to read it, but I've got 100% good feedback! I even got a comment on, a 'dead' site for me...
Richard Gradner....
"Love your pitch. quite original, funny : )
I can see a Terry Pratchet style of story here. very well written and highly entertaining. I love fantasy but have historically read the more serious Lord of the Rings stuff, so great to read something lighter and more enjoyable. Well done!"
When can you see it?
Well, they're running a bit late with their books, so who knows :-) But it'll happen!