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Friday, May 23, 2014

TIW Final - Day 7 - the end...or is it? PLUS NEWS

Well, yes, the last day and everything went haywire. My internet didn't work for hours and I had no one left to ask, anyway. So, for the last 1 and 1/2 days I watched Don and Steve adding the votes. And WOW did they add them...strange, there were almost no public announcements from them...perhaps they have so many loyal friends who can vote 50 times in 30 minutes....Yeah, right!
It is nigh on impossible to find out whether someone is using an IP generator or has paid for votes from an online company. I can vouch for almost all of my votes, put names of REAL people to them. But I was allowed access to some information, and something wasn't right with the voting in the Final. There's trouble afoot in the state of Denmark. Another week and I'll know whether it was 'spammers' or 'IP generator', maybe the Final hasn't finished yet :-) (hehehe)
At the moment, the official announcement is that Don is the 2014 Annual Champion...
Here are the final votes :-(

NEWS! Just signed a publishing contract with 'Line By Lion Publications' for 'How to' :-)

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