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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The FINAL piece - How

Finally, it starts...
I've got the 4 elements. I now have 7 days to create the greatest story I've ever done for TIW...a tall order, there have been some crackers, for example the '1st Anniversary' 500 worder, where I added 1 element from each of the 1st 52 weeks to the given 4 elements. Crazy but great little - it'll be in 'Dani's Shorts 3' for FREE.
So, I've gotta do better than that? How?

Okay, so let's run through the process of creating a 500 word TIW Challenge Final story :-)
1. Look at the 4 elements and make sure you understand what they are (some have been very obscure over the last year)
2. Research
3. Look for links between elements
4. Remember any personal or media-driven memories connected to all 4 elements
5. Grab the one or ones which are the most imaginative. Expand on it/them, research it/them again.
6. Sleep on it.
7. Re-read all your notes, try to think of something....anything. 1 day has already gone.
8. Go off and do something else.
9. Later, re-read your notes, then write.
10. Edit, edit, edit, edit, edit....
11. Hand it in 1 hour before the deadline, in multiple ways.
Done. :-)
Let's see what happens.
....finished in one night. Added something, did something special. :-) Editing, editing, editing.

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