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Saturday, May 10, 2014

TIW Weekend Quickie 35

Here's my latest TIW Weekend Quickie, mixing a few TIWs with the elements given in that great little nursery tale.
Go see it, on the site (and the comments) and many more stories from other TIWs (including Jordan :-))

"Little Red Shiny Jordan"

Little Red Shiny Jordan listened to his darling mother.
"Now, run along into the forbidden Iron Writer woods and take your Aunty Brian his weekly beer and jello."
"Arr, Mom! Do I have to?"
His mother rubbed his shiny little head.
"And don't forget to start that nice little relay idea of yours in his website's forum when you get there…What's wrong? You look suspicious, my little man?"
"Someone's been sitting in my chair…"
"Wrong tale, son, wrong tale. Now get going, he's waiting. And what have I told you about wearing sunglasses in the house?"
Little Red Shiny Jordan skipped his way through the woods and past the "Don't go in the woods" sign put there to stop the fly-by-nighters' voters from entering.
Suddenly, from behind a facebook comment, out popped Mamie Fox and Amanda Wolf.
"Hello there. What's a fine-looking little chicken leg like you doing in the woods?"
"I'm running an errand for my Mom. Ooo, Mamie Fox, what big hair you have."
"All the better to mess your mind up with."
"And Amanda Wolf, what strange big mesmorising eyes you have."
"All the better to twist your little heart up. Come, Mamie Fox, supper has arrived...."

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