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Monday, June 2, 2014

My take of TIW Challenge 67

Well, here's my take of TIW Ch.67 :-) ...going into Dani's Shorts 3...
The quotation marks are set in 'Hungarian'...for a reason (hehe)

Challenge 67 (The Gods, cocktails, irrigation boots, dice)

"Just throw the dice, you’re stalling, Hades."
„Quiet, I’m thinking.”
„The time for that is over,” remarked Poseidon. „My sea monster will eat your three-headed hellhound for lunch.”
„One hell of a boast from a man in a loincloth,” sniggered Ares, sharpening his sword on the tip of Mount Olympus.
„Watch it, or you’ll know where I can sharpen this,” he replied, threatening Ares with his trident.
„Now, now, it’s just a friendly game, boys.” Aphrodite tried to calm them down. „Where’s the love?”
Zeus pointed down to Earth, on a little isolated beach occupied by two humans, a man and a woman in an embrace.
„There. Can I get a zoom on that, please?”
They all shook their heads. Hades threw the dice and ’whooped’.
„Looks like I take that damn sea monster of yours out of the picture, Fishboy.” He picked up Poseidon’s piece and put it in his pocket. „I’ll save that for later, you never know when it’ll come in handy.”
„Why you…!” Ares held Poseidon back from striking Hades.
„Now then, now then! Enough!” Zesus commanded. They all settled down. „How about we all get some cocktails and relax a little, eh? We’ve had our fun for the day.” Zeus clicked his fingers and a waiter appeared.
„Yes, my Ultimate Master of All we See?”
„We’d like some cocktails.”
„Why, of course.” The waiter took out his chalk and slate.
„Ladies, first.” Zeus gestured over to Aphrodite.
„Sex on the Beach, please.”
They all looked back to the isolated beach Zeus had pointed to earlier.
„No, „Sex on the Beach”, vodka, cranberry juice…”
„Yuck, cranberry juice! Oh well, each to her own. You, the one with the trident.”
„Poseidon, Zeus.”
„Yes, you, Fishboy. What would you like?”
„A Blue Lady.”
„I bet you would.”
The waiter whispered in Zeus’s ear.
„Oh, right. Gin, huh?”
Poseidon nodded.
„And you, Dead Dude?”
„A Shit on the Grass, please.”
„Look, Hades, you’re on Olympus now, not down below in your own little underworld. We do have toilets up here, you know…”
The waiter tugged on Zeus’s gown.
„Oh, don’t tell me…”
„Kahluá and Midori Melon Liqueur, my Ultimate Master of All we See.”
„Okay, okay. And you, Ares? How about you?”
„A Cosmopolitan.”
They all stared at him for a moment.
„You could have any cocktail, absolutely any, and you ask for a Cosmopolitan? So dull, Ares, so dull.”
„Well, I did want a Pina..”
„Don’t we all.”
„Well, father, what would you like?” asked Aphrodite.
 „Tequila Sunrise.”
They all moaned.
„Well, what did you expect? Okay, so whose turn is it next, anyway?”
„Oh, super!” Zeus leaned over the Earth to take the dice from the other side and tipped the place a little. A flood began and they all heard screams and suffering from across the land below. Chaos reigned and the couple on the beach had been washed away by a huge tsunami. „Whoops. Perhaps it’s time I got someone to invent irrigation boots…”

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