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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Genre Mash Up Part 2 (complete)

Well, Miranda at TIW tried another week of Genre Mash Up, 150 words a day, 3 elements (crocheted scarf, marshmallows, baby bottle warmer) and different genre. Again, I wrote it up (anyone having deja vu? Yes, this is the same post but updated)'s not even on the forum, just on TIW facebook group site. I'm the only one who did it...last time DL had a go at a few of the genre. Only me...
Here is the whole story :-) I think it went well :-) What do you think?

Genre Mash Up 2 - Part 1 26-05-2014 - Satire

"Where can I plug this in, then?" Todd held the baby bottle warmer in both hands.
"Look, we're in the woods, we're camping." The fire grew stronger with every prod of my stick.
"What? Do you mean that there's nowhere to plug this in?" He searched around the small clearing, looking for a socket.
"You're just gonna have to survive without it for a few days." I relaxed back in my three-legged fold-away camp stool, almost falling off. "Come, the baby's sleeping now. Have some toasted marshmallows with me."
Todd sat down on the log beside the fire.
"What are we gonna do?" He took out his tablet and stabbed at the screen. "There's no Wifi here!"
"Relax. There's lots of things to do. I'm going to start on that crocheted scarf I've always wanted to make."
He continued poking and flicking through screens.
"Is there an App for that?"

Genre Mash Up 2 Part 2 27-05-2014 - Horror

The flame of the fire flickered and a cool breeze blew through the clearing.
"Is it me or did the temperature just drop?" I put my toasted marshmallow down and headed for a blanket somewhere in the tent.
"There's no App for making a crocheted scarf." Todd huddled over his tablet. There was something strange about him tonight, more than usual. I rummaged through the tent and finally found a blanket. It had grown quiet outside since entering.
"Todd?" With the blanket around me, I poked my head out. He no longer sat by the fire, only the baby bottle warmer and my marshmallows were there. "Todd?"
Tenaciously, I returned to my stool and watched the flames dancing in the weakening light. A sudden sound to the right caught my attention.
"Todd? Is that you? Todd?" A hand touched my left shoulder, I jumped up, losing the blanket.

Genre Mash Up 2 Part 3 28-05-2014 - Dr Suess

                       "Wanna play a game?"
said Todd, throwing the baby bottle warmer from one hand to the other.
"It's not the same as any other game.
                                                                You can even call your mother."
"What's the game, Todd?"
He grabbed some marshmallows and stuffed them up his nose.
He popped them out,
                                   fell about,
                                                      and put them 'tween his toes.
"What kind of game, Todd?
                             Won't you ever tell? Oh!
Does it include a crocheted scarf?
                                  Or maybe some jello?"
"There is no scarf, not even half,
And as for jello…
                                maybe a marshmallow.
He placed some inside the warmer and dropped it in the fire.
He laughed and danced and jumped around,
                                      and watched the flames grow higher.
"Todd, are you okay?
                                                  You seem a little weird.
You 'll wake the baby with your noise!
                                      All this is worse than I'd feared."
"Let's play another game that's not the same," he jeered.

Genre Mash Up 2 Part 4 29-05-2014 - Sonnet
(104 words....can't do 150 words in this genre..)

When the marshmallows are toasted ready,
And the stars still shine in the cool wind night,
With our sweet muppet cuddlin' his teddy,
Under a dreamlike moon all silver and white,
And the baby bottle warmer we leave
By the fire, forgotten and unused,
And the crocheted scarf you never did weave,
With this little dumb sonnet I have mused,
I sing of your wond'rous beautiful hair,
And vixen smiles which take a good man's heart.
No one can resist as they stop and stare,
'Cause you're basically a common tart.
And nothing tonight can change what will be,
So shut up and start being nice to me.

Genre Mash Up 2 Part 5 30-05-2014 - Sci-fi

"Yeah, sorry, Todd. I know, I have been a bit of a bitch recent..."
Flashing lights and an ominous whirring sound from above filled the clearing. Instinctively, I ran for the tent where our baby slept. Before I got there, a small uniformed alien appeared.
"Stop, human!"
Still holding some toasted marshmallows on sticks, I flung them and they stuck to its helmet.
"Ah! I am under attack!"
"Watch out for any crocheted scarves they may have," spoke its communicator.
"I don't have one of them, but I have...a HOOK!"
The alien cowered as I held out the tool.
"You're bluffing! You would never use it!"
"But I will use this!" shouted Todd, coming up behind. "This Universal Quantum Spectral Explosive will blow us all to kingdom come!" Todd menacingly held up the baby bottle warmer.
"You humans are crazy! Commander! Take me up!" And with that they were gone.

Genre Mash Up 2 Part 6 31-05-2014 - Action / adventure

With the UFO gone, and the baby still sleeping peacefully, the realisation that something else pressed upon our minds came to being. 200 yards away was the only outside toilet for miles, cleverly disguised as a cesspit surrounded by wooden planks.
Todd was the first to move, sprinting past the fire, making the baby bottle warmer topple. He moved into the woods towards the man-made shithole. Dropping any thoughts of weaving a crocheted scarf, I saundered over to the fallen bottle warmer and picked it up. It had been a long time since I'd used my shotputt skills as college champion two years in a row, but I aimed and threw it well, slinging it in Todd's direction. I heard a thud, quickly followed by breaking branches and twigs.
Bingo. Scoffing what marshmallows were left, I victoriously used the wooden contraption while Todd shat in the bushes with the bears.

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