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Sunday, July 12, 2020

New Novel Rejections

Although my writing has been described in many ways as a mix of both Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, no one wants my latest...
Four Rejections so far...

"While I did enjoy some of your worldbuilding details... overall the story does not match up well with the other stories I am publishing. There is a lot of imagination here, but it is just not what I am looking for right now."

"I'm sorry it didn't strike me as quite suitable to our present needs."

"We're not publishing new authors at this moment..."


To think you can write a book and get it published by someone is a bit of a dream.
Publishers already have their next publishable book in mind and get people to write them. If you write a book, they don't want to know.
You can get lucky, like JK Rowling — the story: an enthusiastic reader of a literary agency gets her represented, she is rejected by 12 publishing houses, and is only taken on by Bloomsbury because the chairman's eight-year-old daughter demanded to read more, and even then she is told to get a day job. The rest is history.
That kind of success is rare and a writer's dream. 
I don't need that dream, I just need a little recognition. 
"Who? Oh, him... didn't he write...? Yeah, I liked that." 
That kind of thing.

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