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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Whoops! New Novel on Amazon for a second!

Yesterday while playing with the 'keywords' in Amazon's KDP, I accidentally hit 'Publish'!
There's no way to cancel this action, which I find strange. You have to wait until the book becomes 'LIVE' and then immediately 'Unpublish'.
Problem is, the book is then on Amazon but 'unavailable'. 
It was once... invisible to the world and now it is visible... with the wrong cover. I'm waiting on a new version of the cover from a friend of an acquaintance.
I've given up on the last submission. Another acquaintance said they'd give me a 'shout out' through their email system, so hopefully that's still on. 
All I need is some readers, some recognition, some people who see there's some worth in all this...
Anyway...Book coming soon!

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