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Friday, August 28, 2020

10 Day Countdown - 1 day to go! Gubacsi Dulu #FREE

 What can I say? Tomorrow is the start of a three-day #FREE giveaway of 'Gubacsi Dulu' (12AM PST)

In the past 10 days, I've shared a little of the 'how' with you, and now... the why. Why do I keep writing? For sure, it's not for the money (that is a laugh). For sure it's not for the praise (compared to other - as they have described themselves to me - 'less talented' writers, I have very few reviews). For sure it's not for the limelight (who am I?)

Why do I do this? Spending hours upon hours writing? 

Because I love the creation of the word. I love the creation of the sentence. The build up of one idea upon another to create a whole. Creation. A sense of moving forward. Somehow I understand more of myself and those around me, and the world we find ourselves. Without writing, I feel my brain slowly turning to mush.

So, tomorrow, when Amazon finally changes that price to ZERO, come and download the book, read it, and give me an honest review! Enough readers will give me the inspiration to work on the next! And maybe even the next!

And the second is close behind, so I might even do Pre-orders if all goes well! (The first time ever!)

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