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Friday, August 28, 2020

10 Day Countdown - 2 days to go! Gubacsi Dulu #FREE

 What now? 2 days to go before Gubacsi Dulu is #FREE!

A large part of my writing style is taken from Ernest Hemingway and his iceberg theory of omission.

Write just enough description to allow the reader to create their own picture of the places and what the characters are wearing by using their own experience, their 'schemata' (knowledge of life and the experiences they have accumulated through their time in reality).

I don't like to 'spoonfeed' the readers, then they become non-thinkers, sponges taking other people's ideas... readers should become free-thinking, to use their imagination to the greatest possibility. Sure, I could tell you what clothes my characters are wearing right down to the number of buttons on their shirts (like Grisham, how I hate Grisham), but I won't. This helps to increase the 'brain-power' of the reader! Really. I guess that's why a lot of writers don't like my style. I don't like to 'dull down' my readers.

However, I do try to give senses and feelings, contrary to what the image below shows (Notice the typo in the image? Experineces... sounds like a disease — may be they...) Readers needs a path to follow, but they are the ones with the torch to see in the darkness.

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