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Sunday, August 23, 2020

10 Day Countdown - 8 days to go! Gubacsi Dulu #FREE

 8 days to go until the #FREE ebook promotion of 'Gubacsi Dulu'!

So, what's special about the book? About the whole series?

For myself, many things. The first is that it's all written in one perspective, one point of view (POV), the main character, Karina Reif. I decided early on with this one that there would be no multiple 'heads'.

My first series, a world where the universe is a rental, had multiple POVs. My second series, a world of mud and soup also had mutiple POVs, though only four or five, and if two were in the same 'scene', the most important POV had the 'scene'.

In this new series, only one. Some parts of the story aren't told, the parts the main character doesn't see. It gives the piece a more realistic feel. Or at least one which people can relate to. We all have only one POV, while trying to understand the other's around us.

(Next up: Names)

...different points of view...

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