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Friday, August 21, 2020

10 Day Countdown! Gubacsi Dulu FREE in 10 days...

 There will be a THREE DAY Free Promotion for Gubacsi Dulu, starting on the 31st of August and ending on the 2nd of September.

Why? Because I'd like to collect some reviews! The story is easy to read and I'm sure you'll all get something from it, perhaps some suspense, some surprises and a little excitement!

So PLEASE put the date into your calenders or wherever you put reminders... 31st of August!

And make sure you tell your friends! The more readers the better... and of course, the more reviews the better!

If you'd like to go see the book on Amazon now, here's the link...

And on (Canada) where it has some numbers!

Bestsellers rank #160,468 in Kindle Store 

#319 in Steampunk Science Fiction (Kindle Store)

#2,647 in Science Fiction Adventure

#4,802 in Adventure Science Fiction (Books)

The Paperback also has some numbers on!

#620,128 in Books 

#79855 in Literature & Fiction for Children (Books)

#1324 in Steam Punk

#10831 in Science Fiction Adventure (Books)

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