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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Review: Lockout 2012 - Trending on Netflix

I don't usually do reviews, but hey, why not...
I've always liked Guy Pearce as an actor, I remember first seeing him on the Aussie soap series 'Neighbours' and watched him get into the film scene. Not one bad one among them, really. 'Memento' is probably the film that set him up for life. If you haven't seen it, then it's time...
Anyway, apparently, right now 'Lockout' from 2012 is trending, creeping up into the Top 10 films on Netflix. I never watched it - didn't know about it, so I watched it.
I can see why it's in the Top 10 at the moment. Pearce plays a lovable rogue anti-hero who gets involved in saving the President's daughter from an orbiting prison. It has the 'Escape from LA' feeling with slightly better dialogue for the hero, and also tougher conditions. Not much of a plot and runs quite fast, with cardboard characters around the four or five main ones, but the important thing is, it's good entertainment, and in these times, that's what we need. A bit of gung-ho, too, with even a reference to John Wayne, the hero being named after the old Western star and if you notice, the hero has that kind of John Wayne swagger about him.
All in all, it's not a big brainer but it's definitely good popcorn material. 

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