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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

KENP - whoever thought of it was a genius!

 So far, I've had over 15k pages read on KENP, that special action where Amazon subscribers can read whichever book they like (so long as the author allows the book to be available). It's an amazing thing because if the reader doesn't want to buy the whole book, they can read a few pages and either continue or move on to the next book.

Unfortunately for me, some of my books take time to warm up, so I guess I lose some some readers early on :-) It's my style, it's my interpretation of everything I have experienced... there's always either a slow start or a slow awakening to change, and a book should show some change or development NATURALLY, not some forced "Oh, I just woke up from a 100-year sleep and we're in danger!" type situation, so natural. Makes for a GREAT action book, though! Maybe I should try it... oh, I kinda did in... (*SPOILER*) :-)

Anyway, Gubacsi Dulu KENP reads are going well, Radnoti X is selling and Farkas Alpha is getting Pre-Orders! What more do I want? Feedback? :-)

If you look at the covers below, there's something else happening other than colours... can you see it? I tried to get it right, it almost paid off, too, slightly off but still noticable... no? Maybe the word 'trajectory' might help? Probably not... just something I tried to do there. :-)


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