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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

44th+45th rating for Gubacsi Dulu! (4 stars...maybe...)

 And things are still happening! From the international side of Amazon (UK, Canada, Australia, I can't tell, the system doesn't tell me) Gubacsi Dulu (Book 1) received TWO ratings in one day, I think probably two 4 star ratings, I can't be sure. From the way the percentages changed, that's my best bet. Which is good! Thank you, whoever you are! I'll take them!

Amazon aren't working so fast at the moment, updating neither reviews, ratings nor giving payments, due to the situation we're all in. But they'll get there, in the end.

And what does happen in the end? For those who have read Gubacsi Dulu, you just have to come and pick up Radnoti X... and then you'll need to get Farkas Alpha. Oh yes, the story must go on. Hang on, what was that you said?

Humanity H2O!

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