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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Freebies going strong! (Smashwords)

Just saw that the last person to buy a copy of both Gubacsi and Radnoti was in... Japan! Thank you! I hope you enjoy them! :-)

Other than that, which is excellent news, it was a slow day for Humanity H2O yesterday, so I went over to Smashwords to see how the Freebies are going. They had a bit of a dry spell recently. I got a nice surprise to see that some people have downloaded them! 

Freebies on Smashwords...

But of course, for those who wish to support my latest project, Humanity H2O, here it is :-) If you notice, I keep the books as cheap as possible because...

 1. I'm unknown so no one will want to pay 5 dollars to read; 

2. I'm never going to sell enough to get rich, anyway;

3. I want as many people to read them as possible - hell, I gave book 1 away for free for 4 days! (Over 1000 downloads) See! Even Baby Yoda got one!

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