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Friday, November 13, 2020

Farkas Alpha - 3 Days to Go! + Gubacsi Dulu 42nd rating

 Three days to go until the third part of Humanity H2O, Farkas Alpha, is published. There are quite a few people waiting for this! I'll also have some help promoting the launch, so it'll be interesting to see the results. Publication date: 16th November 2020.

As for the 42nd rating of Gubacsi Dulu, the least said, the better. Another anonymous guerilla hit from someone who downloaded it for free a month ago or someone who has the right to add ratings but never read the book (spent 50 dollars or more on Amazon). That's yet another reason why I wrote it, to show people who can appreciate the subtlety at work in the book — style, humour, POV, literary/popular references — that there is still a lot of ignorance in the world, a lot of hate, whichever, hate for either myself, or for any of the themes and topics the series deals with. or just that the book exists. It is a pity. I must try to accept that fact.

I actually had a look at some of the trash sci-fi titles with about the same number of ratings on Amazon as Gubacsi Dulu, and there seems to be a bias against me. In fact, most of these trash sci-fi books are poorly written, and the storyline drags and stretches along, but they still don't get any 1 star reviews or ratings... Conspiracy Theory! Is there a Trash Sci-fi Mafia? Is there a group of Trash Sci-fi writers who go around, destroying any books which they find will weaken their future markets? Mmmm... I think I'm getting that feeling...

Help in the fight. As I say in the books, "May Humanity find a way."

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