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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Farkas Alpha - 2 days to go!

When I look back before I started writing Humanity H2O, I would have never thought I'd have a three-book sci-fi series out on Amazon before the end of 2020, let alone the success that it's had! ...success being its impact, whether good or bad ratings. It had an impact. I hoped it would.

Which brings me to one particular aspect of life. Change. Some people never change. In fact, some think no one ever changes. Not really. However much you go through, however much you suffer/feel pain/enjoy life, you are still that 'core' individual you always were when you were young. I was afraid. In many ways I still am, but I now have 'armour', I can defend myself and others against the worries and fears that appear every day. The day depends on how well I deal with them, of course. And looking at the world at the moment, there are many things to fear. The biggie: Will corruption ever end? Will we ever finally see the way forward?

Well, you can have a read while you're thinking about that... Join the fight!

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