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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Farkas Alpha! Out now!

Yes! It's here! Pre-orders are going out already! I wish you all a good read... and hopefully some great feedback, too! Farkas Alpha was still holding at #5 New Release in a subcategory before now, hopefully it'll all come to fruitation now.

And it's been one hell of a ride, starting back in April/May some time, I can't quite remember, but the work is here, available for all to see. One hybrid POV from Officer Karina Reif, 2357 AD! Many readers have enjoyed her journey so far, let's hope they'll enjoy third third installment. Some readers have stalled at the first hurdle with their own prejudices and hang-ups. May humanity find a way! This is the way? Do you know the way? Reading these could be a start...

Humanity H2O

Gubacsi Dulu (Book 1)

Radnoti X (Book 2)

Farkas Alpha (Book 3)

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