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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Australian Reviews from Top 500 Reviewer!

A review popped up for Radnoti X yesterday, a 3 star review from Australia from a Top 500 Reviewer!

So I went 'down under' and noticed another review from the same reviewer on Gubacsi Dulu!

One thing is, it's excellent to receive reviews from a Top 500er! Thank you! Not a first but it is for this series!

Another thing, however .. one of the main things about Humanity H2O is to get the reader to THINK. And this Top 500 reviewer seems as though they don't wish to do that, or not too much, and also wishes only to see the good side of the world. This is worrying, not only for the reviewer but also for... humanity. 

What will literature look like in the future? Where, in fact, are we now, in a world of trash and clones, and yet a book series which makes you think doesn't belong? This does not bode well for the future. 

Where is our education? Where is our culture? Where is our art?

I am saddened. I am in shock. Slightly. I expected this from trash readers, and have received it with 1 and 2 star ratings, but not from those who read a lot...?

BUT HEY! The reviewer did say "Clever writing"! And it is!

Recommend it to anyone with a brain! What is the expression? Brainf#*k? (Yes, there are 4... and that's it, okay, 4, no more, no less)


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