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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Farkas Alpha and Radnoti X still happening!

A little bit of movement on Radnoti X and Farkas Alpha yesterday and the day before. The idea that some people out there in the world are reading my books is a good feeling. Farkas was in the Top 5 on a subcategory for New Releases...I haven't checked it today, though. Working on Book 4...

And yes, a 4th book! 'Reif's Return' (the title kinda gives the game away... but how? Why? What for? So many questions - what exactly is Hadidi's plan? What will happen to humanity? Will Karina ever get some peace and quiet?)

Come and Pre-Order now! Reif's Return! ...the rush has already started!

And if you haven't joined the sci-fi bandwagon - because it's on, it's happening - here's the link to the series... come and get a brainf**k! (Apparently)

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