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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Reif's Return - 3 days to go! (The Negative effect of Cheapness)

My books are cheap. And the covers look cheap. That gives them a 'negative effect of cheapness', even though what's inside them is a whole lot 'richer' than your average sci-fi Amazon ebook with 100+ 5 star reviewers from dumbed-down readers and buddy-'wanna-be' authors.

Why are my books cheap? Because I would like people to read them - there are messages in them, you WILL understand them, you WILL feel them, and some people DON'T WANT TO, that's why the 1,2 and 3 star reviews happen. (No, they're because I'm a bad writer?? NO. I'm not the best, but I know how to write to get your own schemata out)

Why do my covers look cheap? Because I spent zero money on them because I don't have the capital to spend money on them. If I sold 1000s of books, I WOULD GET GOOD COVERS. But I don't, so I can't. Writing is a pleasure for me, but not (yet) a business and all my money goes to beating the dictator-led system we're living under. 

My books have always had 'The Negative Effect of Cheapness'. People think they're bad or worth nothing because of the cover and the price. People have a habit of putting more emphasis on the negative things in life. Sad.

An author friend recently asked me, "When's your new promo?" I said, "These are my promos! I keep the price down!" Maybe it's time to put the price up a little? Later I'll put them up a dollar like I did with my first series.

So, before that happens...

Pre-order Reif's Return now!

Or go buy them all! Humanity H2O!

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