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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Reif's Return - 2 days to go! #ScienceFictionDay

I mentioned this yesterday, and probably many times before. I'm not a member of any 'authors review each other' club. Some time in the past I was able to get a few 'swap' reviews from other writers, but then when a few bailed out for the lamest excuses, ie. "I don't wanna read anything that goes against my God" kinda thing after me having to read a 20k word clone with 2000+ errors and no story, plot or purpose (and yet 50+ 5 star reviews), I stopped doing 'swaps'.

And very few friends and relatives give me reviews. Some do, and THANK YOU! I remember one relative wondering how this loser excuse of a human being could possibly be so preposterous as to think he could write a book! Even now I've heard nothing from this one. A few others have woken up but they still keep me compartmentalised as 'someone who won't succeed in anything.' A great family, two Master degrees and ten books later...(Trying leave something behind)

Humanity H2O... is my latest and best, I think. "How to" is fantastic as well, but I still haven't got round to writing the 3rd book yet, and I'll have to self-publish it, meaning I'll need control back from the first two. I wonder how that will go... Still some time to think about that one.

Can you feel it? I'm getting grouchy in my old age.

Humantity H2O!

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