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Sunday, January 31, 2021

5 star rating for Gubacsi Dulu! (62nd rating)

Yes, Gubacsi Dulu got a 5 STAR  rating! THANK YOU whoever you are! It fills me with suspense when I see another rating hit the Humanity H2O series, especially GD, because I have absolutely no idea what the new rating will be, or whether there will be a review, or anything! And when it's a good rating, then I'm overjoyed! Of course, these books are my 'literary babies', wouldn't I want them to do well in the eyes of others... yes... but if they fail, as they do in some people's eyes, then they are STILL my 'literary babies' and they are STILL fantastic, only waiting for someone to appreciate them for what they truly are. So, THANK YOU FOR THE FIVE! 

Humanity H2O! 

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