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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Just another day... New Book Blurb!

Yesterday was difficult. I wanted to write a lot but it wasn't one of those days. I wanted to proofread... but it wasn't one of those days, either. I wanted to... yeah, you get where this is going.
Some KENP from a few readers (THANKS!), but nothing much else happened. I wrote a little but not much. There's so much still to do... much... but hey! I can show you... the NEW BOOK'S TITLE AND BLURB!

Under the Shade of the Sun

2328 AD

Brent Bohatch is right out of training camp and gets assigned to his first duty as a sniper in a green squad of twelve. Relieved to be off the streets of his home city and roaming the universe in his quest to survive, he gets involved in more than just blood and action. 

What do you think? Comments? Simple yet striking blurb?

And of course...
Humanity H2O! It's still here!

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