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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

5 star rating for Radnoti X! (11th rating)

Damn, those Russian BOTs are killing my stats... if only they could give 5 star ratings on my books... Hey! Как насчет 5-звездочных обзоров?

And now...what happens? A new 5 star rating on Radnoti X (book 2)! They're quite rare, four 5s from the eleven ratings, apparently a difficult book to like? But this reader liked it!

That 1 star sitting on its own... kinda looks lonely, I hope it stays that way! Those Russian BOTs better not learn how to do them... why do I get these BOTs???? What have I done to them????

Anyway... some action over on KENP...THANK YOU whoever you are...

Humanity H2O!

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