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Monday, January 18, 2021

60th Rating for Gubacsi Dulu!

...getting hit by Russian BOTs again...strange...

Yes, Gubacsi Dulu got its 60th rating, the first of my books to ever get that many! That's a lot for little ol' me, and I can only name 3 people who I know, that's three, who reviewed the book. Ratings are anonymous, so, who knows who actually gave those, but if they know me, they'd give me a review. So 57 ratings from strangers. Not author clubs, paid reviews, people I work with or used to work with. 

Go to any trash sci-fi book on Amazon and you'll find 200+ ratings. Maybe one day I'll get that many, but it's for sure I'll keep this natural curve rather than the usual 80-90% 5 star reviews seen on the store. Bias. I have none, it's a mirror of the reader rather than a mirror of influence (advertising, marketing, social circle).

So, here's to the next 10 ratings! Hopefully...

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