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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Amazon Recommendations....for me...?

 I hope that Amazon is doing this for other people, too! I keep getting emails which recommend my own books to me, so hopefully they're sending the same info to others on their list.

Still love the 'Children's Steampunk' thing. I never chose that category... anyway...

Not much is happening, I can see a few readers here and there, possibilities of new reviews/ratings but time will tell. All I can say is that Humanity H2O has been my greatest success and if you were a part of that THANK YOU!

Spread the word... to intelligent people, please, I've had enough of trash sci-fi readers 'trashing' my writing when they don't know what a classic is if came up and told them that they've been conned by a narcissistic incompetent fool. Gubacsi is waiting for its 60th rating... will it be you?

Humanity H2O!

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