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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Second Day of the Promo - #FREE ebooks GD+RX

This week... Yesterday and TODAY (and tomorrow, the 7th until the 9th (3 days)), both Book 1 and Book 2 of Humanity H2O are FREE! Books 3 and 4 are still at $1.99 each, but think about it... $3.98 for FOUR books? That's less than a dollar per book (just) Remember that... the normal price is $1.99 each , and after the 25th, they'll all go up to $2.99... because something else is going to happen!

Hopefully they'll be a big promo today sometime, so I'm hoping to get a few downloads, maybe even a few sales!

And hopefully also an impeachment or 25th amendment for Trump. Would be nice before he tries to start a Civil war (something else he'd lose).

So...Humanity H2O! Is there any hope? At all? Maybe there IS an answer...or not...


And a little action from yesterday... Radnoti X and Gubacsi Dulu got 5th and 6th place in FREE Childrens Steampunk... well, that's something! THANK YOU!

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