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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

White Privilege alive and well in Washington DC + Promo TWO is on! Gubacsi Dulu + Radnoti X #FREE

This week... TODAY... the 7th until the 9th (3 days), both Book 1 and Book 2 of Humanity H2O are FREE! Books 3 and 4 are still at $1.99 each, but think about it... $3.98 for FOUR books? That's less than a dollar per book (just) Remember that... the normal price is $1.99 each , and after the 25th, they'll all go up to $2.99... because something else is going to happen!

And then what happened? Trump Supporters stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC! And the Police response? Nothing! White Privilege much? If they were black (BLM!) they'd all be dead. And how many arrests? Wow... there were less bullets fired than for a broken tail-light! Trump also encouraged them on! I can't believe it... but then... yes, I can. 

I mean, Gubacsi Dulu got its 58th review/rating yesterday, a 2 star... someone who just couldn't get into the book, "too slow" for a trash reader.... why do Americans from the Southern States review my books? Leave them alone! These books are above your level! Where are the educated people?!? (See paragraph above)

So...Humanity H2O! Is there any hope? At all? Maybe there IS an answer...or not...

And yesterday, a couple of sales! Yes! THANK YOU, whoever you are! See what a little sale does?

...and in the same category, in the Bestsellers...
...I wonder what will happen in these next 3 days...? Last time Gubacsi Dulu was free, 1000+ ebooks went out... now? Who knows? A few? A lot? I'll keep you posted.

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