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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Bethlehem Fiasco! 5 star review!

 I published Bethlehem Fiasco ten years ago, it sold a few and readers liked it. Now, today it received its 4th review from one of my top readers, Daniel K. Thank you, sir! (Isn't it strange... Dani J Caile... Daniel JK... yep. Nope, it's not me.)

If you'd like to know what he's talking about, go and read it!

And yes, I have started writing 'How to' 3, ie. How to Float a Boat (there's a subtitle but I'm not putting it here yet). How to 1 = land, How to 2 = sea, How to 3 = guess.

So while we all wait... please go and buy, read and rate these books, maybe even review them! They are my food of existence. Without them, I am but a mere grain of sand in the 'Amazon' desert, an unknown author without sustenance.

There's also my NEW book, In the Midst of Fools available, book 1 of Marika's Quest. If you haven't had a go, why not read it on KENP? Yes, it was 'No.1 New Release' for a few days. A few.

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