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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Rage... 5 star review! + Elon Musk / Telekom / Writing

Interesting week...

Elon Musk might pull himself off Twitter (Yeah!!!)... but probably not.

Telekom showed its true colours to the teachers... its new Xmas advert went to 10 countries, 9 of them used a teacher as the main character, while this country used... a bus driver. Heil Orbán!

I wrote a few more 'Shorts' for Dani's Shorts 9... still a few to go, though.

I also wrote a little more of How to 3...

...and tried a rewrite of that book that wasn't published. Maybe the publishers will take another look at it... but again, they've gone quiet.

There were also a few readers this week, one for Midst and the other for The Rage of Atlantis, which got a 5 star review from one of my big readers at the moment, Daniel K! Thank you, sir!

AND... of course, here are my two sci-fi series. I'm still trying to get 100 ratings for Gubacsi Dulu! If you've read it, please come and rate!

There's also my NEW book, In the Midst of Fools available, book 1 of Marika's Quest. If you haven't had a go, why not read it on KENP? Yes, it was 'No.1 New Release' for a few days. A few. And yes, it picked up another reader! Thank you!

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