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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Got a Sale, Lost a Rating...

Thank you to the person who bought a paperback of Man by a Tree! My first ever book. It's strange for me how people are only just finding my stuff.

And thank you to Amazon for taking a 5 star rating off Shade! Why, thank you! Is there anything else you could do that you already haven't tried? Banning me from my own books, you tried. Deleting my books from any category lists, you tried. NOW it's taking my ratings away. And why a 5 star? Why not one of the lower ones, the ones where the people didn't actually read the book? Nah, Amazon, you took a 5 star. Sure. Thanks.

So, anyway. Another short rant. 

Oh look! Some books! I don't know how much longer Amazon will allow me to sell my own books on their website. (I. Have. Done. Nothing. Wrong.) So get them while you can...

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