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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

New Review for In the Midst of Fools!

Yeah! A new review for In the Midst of Fools!... oh, hang on, no, not yet. Apparently, although other authors get 100+ reviews in less than 24 hours from their ARCs/paid promotions/family & friends, one of my readers has been given an email which says it could take up to a month to put the review up. What? First Amazon try to prove that my books aren't mine - like, who the hell else would write them?! Then they try to prove that I put them into the wrong categories - those categories they mentioned don't even exist?! And now I can't get reviews? Yep, it isn't what you know, it's who you know / how much money you can make. Small independent authors such as myself have very little support, and then Amazon walks all over you too.

Anyway... rant over.

Gabacsi Dulu STILL needs 2 ratings for the 100, so if you have read it (we're talking 4 figures here, people) and haven't rated it yet, could you please swing on over and add a few, that would be great!


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