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Friday, February 17, 2023

Ghosts, Hooligans and Traffic Wardens

 It's been a strange week... and it hasn't finished yet.

I've written a few short stories to try and get Dani's Shorts 9 completed. That's been nice.

One morning I found what I can only describe as a ghost writing messages on my back, letter by letter. I didn't catch every letter, but there was something about toast... or most... or something.

Then I had a crazy five minutes in the capital. I had to race back to my parked car before the 3-hour ticket expired and had one 'strange' moment. After walking fast through a few crowded streets, I got to a small street which connected to the main road and seemed to be the only person there, with two others guys. They saw me and promptly tried to ridicule the way I was walking and made some rude comments my way. It was clear they were provoking a fight. I had two minutes left to get to the car. As I passed them, they insulted me again and spat at me as I rushed past. Then I got to the car in time, jumped into the car and looked through the windscreen. On the dot of expiration. And there he was, the traffic warden. As I was in the car, he couldn't give a ticket. If I'd even spoken to, let alone fought with those two 'hooligans' - the nicest word I can think of - I would've been fined.

So... strange days. I wonder what the end of the week will bring? I still have a few 'adventures' to come.

And here are some adventures I wrote earlier...

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