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Friday, February 24, 2023

No One Knows how to Work a Pedestrian Crossing...

Still working on a few short stories for Dani's Shorts 9. I was wondering if I could make a novel from them. I'll need to look through them, see which ones have something in common, I'm sure there are many.

Today... I was running between places of work and got to one of the pedestrian crossings of the main road. There were half a dozen people on either side waiting for the light. It was sunny, so I went over to check if anyone had hit for it, as it's not automatic. No one had hit the button. They'd been standing there for at least five minutes. I hit the button and they all instantly looked at me as though I was the idiot. Then I proceeded to walk across without a green light. People.

So... here is another adventure I wrote earlier...


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