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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Success...what is it?

I would like to say that my books are successful in terms of sales, but being self-published, it's difficult to publicise and persuade people to even have a read. I'm getting to triple figures...slowly. But is it all about sales? For the people I owe money to, I guess so. For me, well...I'm very happy that whoever has read even a small part says they're very good/fantastic/great,etc...(see my website for the comments on 'Man by a tree' -
It's strange that my 2nd is getting even better reception than the 1st, but no one wants to write any reviews or comments anywhere...perhaps it's the 'mud sticks' attitude.
Anyway, still dawdling with the 3rd book, working out little things here and there, wondering just what exactly am I trying to say. It's wonderful how if you just 'have a go', something happens. Then something else happens. I could just be sitting down, watching TV, but no. I'm trying to write, to say something to the reader, to give another view, to expand the box. Isn't that what it's all about? 42 is just as good an answer, though.

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