Saturday, October 17, 2015

WQ 138 + The Final ! + #FREE Spectacular Tales II !!!

The Autumn Open Final is still on!
Who has the best 500 words out of the three of us? Me? Go see :-)
"There's Danger in that Arena"...

 AND "Spectacular Tales II" is out on Smashwords...for FREE...yes, free, all those yummy, scrummy, succulent short stories in one book! Plus a sci-fi from me :-)

Also did my usual weekly Weekend Quickie, 200 words with 3 elements...nice one :-)
What do you think? Sometimes I get comments, you know :-)

...PLUS...Dani's Shorts 5 will be out soon :-) This time around, I didn't get round to doing every weekly challenge (missed about 15 or 16 of them, hell) but I had other things to write, really..."All For Love", some short stories for anthologies, editing books, thinking up "How to 2"...anyway...Weekend Quickie 138...

WQ 138 – image of person working in a laboratory, angst, occupational hazard

As a scientist, my long, suffering life is full of angst. It wouldn't be complete without it. I have the hope that I will eventually find what I am looking for, something which cannot be explained, something that cannot be disproved, something which will mystify the masses and endure the envy of my fellow peers. One day I may do all these things, but when, where, what, and how? The answers to those questions are beyond me. When this seemingly impossible task will be complete, then, and only then can I rest. As I deal with formulae, theories, experiments, chemicals, catalysts and observations, collecting all the information and data I can find, and cramming them into my calculating mind, watching them swish around together in my brain soup of conclusions until something occurs, forgetting normal things like eating, sleeping, remembering anniversaries, taking the trash out, and feeding the dog become occupational hazards. The mediocre of life is discarded for the inspiring, the intriguing thoughts which fill my mind as I work and...
"Hey, Bob! Have you finished with those urine samples yet?" asked Dave, my boss.
"Yeah, sure. The results are over there, on your desk."
Now, where was I...?

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