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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Writing - who for? Editors?

I've just received some constructive criticism on my introduction from a few members, and one of them rewrote it, taking out what he considered to be unnecessary. It looked good, stripped to the bone, but it got me thinking. Who am I doing this all for? Am I writing to satisfy the needs of an agent / editor looking for a fast buck and publish my books? Am I writing for myself, my friends and aquaintances?  Am I writing to make money? Am I writing for the pleasure of writing? The dream is to be published and make money. The reality is to have fun and spread it around. But I looked at the stripped-down version of my writing, and that isn't me. What's the point of writing a book which isn't me? Taking out bits like "the crowds of fancy-free flag waving freaks" and things like "with blood reaching his black buckled boots", never to be seen again. That's just not me. That's a machine. That guy can be a machine. I'll be me.

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