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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Evil character

Oooo, you have to be in the mood to write the EVIL character bits. My most evil one in the 3rd book is based on a real guy...this guy has based his whole life on a lie, some 40 odd years of money, business, success and politics on one basic lie - he copied his degree thesis from someone else. In Hungary, to progress in life, you need paper, and a degree is the most important piece of paper you can own. Now this guy copied from 2 other people's thesis's (thesi?) - copied to the letter - to make his own, and passed his degree. He then went on to have a VERY successful life, a life he wouldn't have been able to have WITHOUT that degree paper. I say he should give it ALL back. And what about the people he stole from? Those opportunities that weren't his to have?! Where are they? He stole from them. Give it all back, that's what I say :-)


  1. I fully agree , plagerism is a very difficult art to master ,,,,,

  2. Just imagine, he almost got away with it. Would you be able to live that kind of lie? Many people pay others to write their thesis for them, that's bad enough, but to 'steal' one from someone, THAT is very bad.