Monday, June 11, 2012


So far, I've only received good feedback from those who've bought and read my books in their entirety. I even have reviews on Amazon, thanks guys and gals :-)
But it's the others...
...the editors...they read half a sentence, or not at all, or maybe a paragraph and give it up, putting their expectations and 'experience' together - they don't see it.
...the people who have free copies...they might pick them up, they might even read a little, that's okay, it's free, but as it was free they feel no obligation to read. Only those who bought a copy feel that, they paid the money, they read the book. Give something away for free and you lose the value.
For those who've read my books to the end, THANK YOU. That's the point of writing, for someone to read the whole story. For those of you who got something out of it, SUPER!
There is one more book coming, it needs some work, but it'll be something...:-)

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