Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why do I write? Not for the money (HA)

In the 1st rewrite ATM, on part 37 of 101, going well. I think it's fantastic, but then, I wrote it :-)
It's interesting, it took me 25 days to write book 1's manuscript, then 45 days for book 2, and now 65 days for book 3...I think I see a pattern here...if I ever get round to writing another, it'll take...85 days....(sleeping)

Why do I write? I've been asking that question for a while, it's definitely not for money (have you seen the sales !!*?%!!)
Reason 1: to entertain both myself and my readers
Reason 2: to make myself and my readers question their environment
Reason 3: to capture ideas and not let them disappear, never to be seen
That's it really, basically. Probably there are a million more reasons but I just haven't got round to thinking about them.

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